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|Selective School Exam Dates

The dates for entrance exams for all selective schools for year 8, 9 and 10 for 2016 are now published on their websites.

For year 8 students sitting an entry to year 9:

Melbourne High, MacRob. High, Nossal High, Cory High,  June 18th.

For year 9 students sitting an entry to year 10:

Melbourne High, 7th June

MacRob. High, 8th June

Nossal High, 8th June

Cory High, 10th June

John Monash Science School, 11th June

For year 10 students sitting an entry to year 11:

John Monash Science School, 28th May

Elizabeth Blackburn, 23rd July

You should check the registration dates for the exam that interests you.


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