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|The Brainworks Epping Tutoring Centre is Now Open

At Brainworks, we welcome Rupali and Vikram to our team. They are very excited to have established Brainworks Epping. As a long term advocate they know that the Brainworks tuition helps individual students to achieve their potential. 

Brainworks Epping 

Lalor Public Library

Saturday 10am - 11.30am

Saturday 11.30am - 1pm


Brainworks Epping will offer our full range of scholarship, selective and Foundation programs to students.

For the first 50 students who enrol at Brainworks Epping, there will be a 10% discount. This offer is valid until Saturday 20th April 2018.

For all enquiries and bookings, Rupali 0405 307 888 or visit the Epping venue page here.



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