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|Whats The Word on Verbal Reasoning?

Selective school entry exams sometimes include verbal reasoning.

What is verbal reasoning?

It is understanding the relationships between words and establishing meaning from language.  Verbal reasoning questions can be used to measure your ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information and can be presented in different ways.

Example One

Find the two statements that together prove that Sam is younger than Jack:

1          Paul is not as old as Jack
2          Paul is twelve years old
3          Sam is not a teenager
4          Sam was born two years before Paul
5          Sam was born two years after Paul

A          1&4     B          1&3     C          2&3     D         1&5

Example Two

To be earnest is to be

     A     Honest            B         Angry                     C     Light hearted                   D             Sincere


Example Three

6 tennis balls are thrown varying heights into the air at the same time. Ball A lands after Ball F. Ball C lands after Ball E, which lands two balls after Ball B. Ball D lands 3 balls after Ball F and 1 ball after Ball B.

Which ball is thrown the highest?

A          Ball F               B          Ball C               C          Ball A               D          Ball E


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