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   educational goals with genuine one to one attention

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Are you looking for maths tutoring and English tutoring that will develop your child’s confidence?
Do you want your child to be more self-assured at school and enjoy learning and participating?
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|Brainworks Caroline Springs & Melton Maths & English Tutoring

Term 1 Special Offer!

The first 20 students who enrol at Brainworks Caroline Springs and Melton will receive a 10% discount. This offer is valid until Saturday 2nd April 2022.

Brainworks maths tutoring and English tutoring for year 1 to year 10 students will build your child’s confidence and skills with a customised curriculum, continuous assessment and one to one teacher attention. At Brainworks we can assess, assist and tutor your child in all areas of maths, English, comprehension, scholarship exam preparation and selective school exam preparation. The programs are genuinely customized for every student.
Brainworks Caroline Springs & Melton tutoring will build engagement, confidence and skills with face to face tutoring.

The scholarship and selective preparation courses can include reading comprehension, mathematics & problem solving, writing, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning and humanities. Your child will familiarise themselves with different exam formats and question styles.

Being taught one to one is important to your child because they will;

- become confident about learning new work and their own capabilities
- build skills progressively to be able to effectively assimilate new knowledge
- receive individual attention.
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