Brainworks Doncaster has maths, English and Naplan tutoring programs for year 2 - 10 students, scholarship and selective entrance exam tutoring and preparation for year 3 - 9.



Is your child struggling with maths and English at school?

Then Brainworks can assist. Students are assessed at their current level of skills. An initial program is then tailored to their need. The Foundation program supports everyday schooling in maths and English and it’s suitable for students requiring remediation or advancement. 

Does your son or daughter want to gain entry into Melbourne High, Mac.Robertson Girls’ High, Suzanne Cory High?

Brainworks has specialised programs to prepare for selective school entrance exams. The programs cover all of the required exam areas and are specific for each school.

Does your child need assistance with maths?

Our Foundation curriculum covers core maths skills that enables students to confidently manipulate numbers and understand principles of maths and symbols. Suitable for year 2 to year 10 students.

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At Brainworks Doncaster,

  • our tutoring programs are individualised for each student.
  • There are a maximum of 6 students for every teacher.
  • Student work is corrected.
  • Our students work through a framework of material that enables them to learn new skills and develop confidence in a supported environment.

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