A small sample of our testimonials are displayed below. We thank and appreciate parents and students for providing their comments, it is gratifying to us as a teaching organisation.

Exam Review Strategy
I realised I didn't need to rush through to the finish, despite the number of questions, to work on the problems without wasting time. Tim
It was particularly helpful and I developed a lot of confidence about exam strategy. Josh
It helped me work more efficiently on individual problems. Sam


I just wanted to drop you a little note to say, “You were right!”
When we last spoke you said to me that you’d brought Cameron’s maths skills up to end of Yr 5 level (he’s currently in Yr 4), and Miranda’s up to end of Yr 2 level. Well yesterday I received their school reports which were both outstanding. Cameron was assessed as top of his class for maths and they’d ticked the box stating that he was performing “well above standard” and at end of Year 5 level.  According to the school, Miranda is right on track for her Year level, Yr 2. So, there you go…. These grades are exactly as you had told me. The school agrees with you. I’ve no doubt that your work with them has helped them significantly in the classroom and thank you again. Karina


Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and understanding with Chloe, as you have worked magic with her. You have given her such a sense of 'self belief' and working through that initial math's nightmare has been a great life experience for her.  She has such a positive attitude towards it all now.  It's been great. Thankyou so much John, we are so very appreciative as I am not sure where we would have been without you at this point. Amanda

My daughter, Rose, attended Brainworks at the Ascot Vale location during term 3 & 4 in 2012, when she was in Year 6. As a result of your program Rose was offered 100% scholarships from 2 local private schools. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and cannot praise your program highly enough. We have recently received even better news – Rose is now enrolled to go to Mac.Rob! You said from the beginning that she could do it… and she did. Thank you for the guidance you, and your program, gave Rose years ago. It was definitely worth it. Louise

Just thought we would send you a quick line to let you know that Cassandra has received a 50% academic scholarship at her school. We are obviously thrilled and happy with the way she managed it all given that there was little preparation. We just wanted to thank you for the time spent helping her to get an understanding of the test process and focussing on the areas where we could get maximum improvement in the time available. Michelle

We are very pleased to advise that Alexander has been offered an academic scholarship. He performed well in all areas especially in maths. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for your valuable support, advice and feedback particularly with the essay structure. Stephen and Jenny

We would like to express our thanks for all your help with Nicholas and Matthew over the last few months in the preparation for their application for a General Excellence Scholarship at Huntingtower. I'm happy to inform you they were both successful and we are thrilled. Meropi

A huge thank you for the support and guidance you provided Brianna last semester when she was preparing for a scholarship exam. I am so proud and happy to advise she has been offered a year 7-12 scholarship. i was informed she did extremely well. Thank you so much for all your help. Your course and support gave her the confidence to do well. Sue

Just a quick note to let you know that we received great news late last week. Yarra Valley have offered Lachlan a General Excellence Scholarship based on the performance in his interview, Scholarship exam and individual portfolio. Danielle and I are so grateful for the support you and your team have provided through Brainworks!! You provide such a great program and Lachlan has truly benefited from it. Thank you very much Mark 

Brainworks built his confidence and he was able to deal with complex maths problems. Staff were very competent and took a keen interest. The course content was ideal for preparation, well designed for getting the best results, consequently he was offered a place at Melbourne High. All of my questions were answered throughout the course and I surely recommend Brainworks. The seriousness, passion and commitment of staff is praiseworthy. Praveen

I just want to let you know that I have been offered a place at Melbourne High School. Your programme and words of encouragement tremendously benefited me on the day of the examination. I never anticipated that I would ever gain a position at Melbourne High School, but with your support and guidance, my dream was finally accomplished. The Brainworks programme provided me a comprehensive outlook on what the examination was like. I was well prepared and was immensely satisfied with my performance on the day. I am very pleased with the outcome of this programme and highly recommend it.  Thanking you once again and I wish you all the best in the future. Ishaan Gupta

Just a quick note to thank you for your fantastic work with my son. He has been offered a maximum scholarship starting year 5 next year at a prestigious independent school following the EduTest exam. I brought him to Brainworks with only 5 weeks to go for the exam, but your tailored program helped him grow his skill level rapidly without putting him under undue pressure and of course been very effective. Thank you once again and best wishes. Saugata

I believe that the Brainworks program has helped my son see that there maybe several different approaches to solving problems. As a result when one method doesn't work he will "give it a go" using a different strategy. This has helped him gain confidence during exams and tests. My son got stuck with his English and math subjects in year 7. He is good, smart and disciplined student. But somehow there was something else missing in his studying. A friend of ours suggested trying Brainworks as it has helped her daughter tremendously. True to her word, Aaron found that 'missing link'. He got to finish year 7 receiving an Academic Excellence Award (where all your subjects final grades are "A"). At present, he is doing really well in year 8. Thanks to Brainworks for partnering with my son to achieve his educational goals to help him in his future. Louie

I think Brainworks has assisted my daughter in a huge way. It has strengthened her foundation skills in mathematics, logic and built her confidence. It has increased her ability for creative expression, and picked up on her gaps and worked on them. I think Brainworks has facilitated more than the optimum from their teaching. Thank you for bringing out the confidence in my daughter. My work was made easier through Brainworks!! Anu

I have been associated with Brainworks for over 2 years with my 2 sons. It is by far superior to any other tutoring I have tried. My sons' strengths and weaknesses were identified and an effective individual programme was commenced. They have both been extended to their true abilities under the programmes with encouragement all the way. I highly recommend it to any student. C. Drew My wife and I are pleased to advise that Athan was one of the lucky ones to have been offered a place at Melbourne High School for 2010, following the selective entry high school entrance examination. Athan achieved a couple of distinctions (top 11%) in Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics and performed above average in Numerical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. Needless to say we are surprised and the same time delighted, as is Athan, and will be accepting the offer. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and Brainworks for the way you prepared Athan for the exam and the care you showed as well as the honest assessments of his progress and his capabilities, never overstating the case nor raising our expectations, but providing constructive and honest feedback throughout. We certainly would not hesitate to recommend Brainworks to any future aspirants. Louis Sgardelis
We would like to thank Brainwork's for their major assistance in Matthew being offered a position at Melbourne High School. We were concerned Matthews mathematics was beginning to slip below his capabilities but with a series of lessons at Brainwork's this has been corrected. We have found Brainwork's to be most helpful, approachable and encouraging and would recommend them to anyone who's child may require maths or English assistance. David McKinnon

We thought you'd be pleased to know that David has been accepted into Melbourne High School for 2008. He's very happy and proud of his achievement. We'd like to thank you for all your help, especially with the essay writing where David's improvement has been enormous. Apart from the fact that his mark for both creative and analytical writing at the MHS entrance test is in top 11% of the results, he also received 'High Distinction' in International Competitions and Assessments for Schools ( English ) that placed him in the top 1 percent of Year 8 participants in Victoria. Thank you very much once again. A and V

Just wanting to share the good news that Matthew got in to Melbourne High! He is very excited and pleased with his results, and we thank you so much for your efforts and tutoring and preparation. Arthur T

I'm writing to thank you for preparing my daughter for an ACER scholarship exam. Her initial assessment followed by individual coaching with a structured approach was the ideal preparation for her exam. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that she was successful in receiving a year 7-12 scholarship to PLC in Burwood. Thanks so much for all your help. E.R.

I'd like to thank Brainworks for all their help. I am overwhelmed because I passed into Macrob with great marks.Thank you very much and I couldn't have done it without you. T.T

I want you to know that I have been accepted into Melbourne High School for 2007. The Brainworks programme that I undertook from 2005-2006 was of immense help to me. Emotionally and academically, Brainworks prepared me for the Exam. Brainworks offers so much support and help to every single student to achieve their best on the tests. Before attending Brainworks, I had no idea what Numerical Reasoning and Analytical Writing was, but the programme provided me with an incredibly comprehensive view of the topics that were needed for the exam. Their guidance dramatically changed my performance on the test. Each and every single piece of advice that I received from the Brainworks team was so useful. Brainworks is truly an excellent programme. It fosters the importance of doing your best in everything you do and they are definitely amazing. MF

Just thought I would let you know Callum received an offer of a place at Melb High today. Had to share the news with you. Thanks for your help and support. Merran

I'm happy! Do you know why? They offered me a place in Melbourne High! I'd like to thank you a lot for your coaching. Thanks Anon

Just to let you know Alex was offered a 75% scholarship at ? for next year.  He managed to achieve the top score out of 250 students.  Thanks so much for all your help! Chris

Just a short note to let you know that my son James attended Brainworks tutoring sessions in April and May, and as a result he has been offered a position at Melbourne High next year. Your program was exactly what he needed.  Thankyou !!!! Meredith
With your assistance Eric did earn a place at Melbourne High. He found no surprises in the exams, came out of them still calm and got in by a comfortable margin. Your tutoring and guidance certainly made a difference. Alan B.

Just want to let you know that my son Geoffrey has been offered a place in Melbourne High School for Year 9. The tuition he has been given at the Burwood East Primary school campus in March/April this year has positively influenced this result. I want to write and say thank you for your effort. Peter Wong

From the outset I was very impressed with the organisation of materials and the structured approach. The feedback both to ourselves and the students was faultless. I would strongly recommend Brainworks to any person thinking about private tuition. A. Simonetto