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Maths Tutoring and English Tutoring

The Brainworks Foundation program includes maths tutoring and English tutoring for students in years 1 to 10, building confidence in all areas. Your child will be assessed at their current level and a program tailored for their specific needs and goals.

Scholarship, Opportunity Class & Selective Entry Exams

Students build skills and confidence, gain exam question familiarity & develop exam strategies. Students study specific exam & test subjects including mathematical, verbal & abstract reasoning, reading comprehension, general ability, maths & essay writing.

Your child will build and improve their skills with Brainworks tutoring Panania. Genuine one to one attention combined with a system to keep all students on track and encouraged, ensures all problems are identified and work is adjusted.
Customised Learning Programs
Your child will receive an individual program that has been developed to meet their learning needs and educational goals. Students work through their own tailored program with tutoring assistance, learning new skills and building their confidence.

Mike Quach

0403 515 349 

Panania Senior Citizens Centre
77 Anderson Ave, Panania

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Welcome to Brainworks Panania tutoring where your child will receive genuine one to one tutoring, building their confidence and skills.
Brainworks can effectively assist your child with tutoring for maths and English for Years 1- 10, scholarship exam preparation, selective school exam preparation and readiness for opportunity class tests. Brainworks tutoring services include reading comprehension, mathematics & problem solving, writing, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, general ability, abstract reasoning and humanities. 

Brainworks tutoring is also available at Bankstown

Call Mike Quach 0403 515 349 or Linh Dang 0413 561 394 to find out more about Panania tutoring or fill in the enquiry form.

Programs Mode Sessions
Foundation Term Based Weekly 1 or 1.5 hours
Selective Entry Modular (8 weeks)
Accelerated Modules (4 weeks)
Weekly 1.5 hours
Weekly 3 hours
Scholarships Modular (8 weeks)
Accelerated Modules (4 weeks)
Weekly 1.5 hours
Weekly 3 hours


Day Session Availability
Tuesday 5:00pm - 7.00pm Enrol Now

2022 Term 3

Term 3
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