Brainworks John Monash Science School Workshops

What is the difference between centrifugal and centripetal?
Do objects of the same shape but different mass fall at the same rate?
Why are cells small?
Does energy disappear?

|The Brainworks JMSS Workshops

Further studies in science can answer those questions. Workshops including forces & motion, energy, biology, chemistry, reasoning and group activity interview practice are available on certain dates.

The Brainworks JMSS Workshops 2024

Brainworks Burwood East will be conducting John Monash Science School workshops for 2024 exam preparation during the coming school holidays. Numbers are strictly limited for all workshops and bookings are essential. There will be two separate workshops covering different topics from the exam.

Workshop 1 includes the chemistry topics of elements, molecules, compounds, atomic structure, periodic table, chemical bonds, solutions and states of matter. It also covers biology topics of cells, stimuli & responses, nutrients & transport, classification and ecology.

Workshop 2 includes physics - forces & motion and also the energy topics of sound, light, electrical, potential, kinetic, heat and transformation

Images and Testimonials from the 2021 JMSS workshops

Forces and Motion: includes forces, Newton’s Laws, displacement, velocity and acceleration and circular motion.

forces and motion

includes light, electrical, potential, kinetic and transformation.

includes Brownian motion, SA/V ratio, nutrients and transport, cell structure, stimulus and response and classification.


: includes atomic structure, periodic table, chemical bonds, states of matter, chemical reactions and formulae. 


Dates, times and booking information for all workshops will be published here