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|Advanced Maths With Brainworks

The Melbourne High, MacRobertson Girls, Cory and Nossal High exam includes mathematics from year 9 and 10.
The online courses now include a further 4 advanced maths tests including trigonometry, surds, measurement and pythagoras. Questions may require students to use multiple skills in each question. For example, determining the area of a rectangle using surds. This may be helpful for students undertaking selective exam tutoring or preparation for the Melbourne High entry exam, Macrob selective entry exam, Suzanne Cory entry exam and Nossal High entry exam. These exams require students to understand advanced maths and problem solving.

Courses include tutorials, questions and tests to assist students to reach their educational goals. The learning tools provide opportunities for students to test themselves, review and improve, work within time limits where applicable and grade their performance.

Feedback is provided in several forms. Answers include explanations and working out is provided for incorrect answers. Additionally, students receive reward badges for participation, improvement and accuracy. Student results can be published to leader boards based on improvement or accuracy.

Online learning offers flexibility and convenience, completing your studies in the time frame that suits you. It also provides immediate feedback; questions are corrected automatically and incorrect answers are further explained in detail.



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