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Exciting online learning changes.

Here at Brainworks we are always looking to improve our customers online learning experience. So we have been doing a little bit of tweaking. Next time you log in to your dashboard, you will notice ... Read More

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Selective School Exam
The practice test for the selective schools test (Melbourne, MacRob, Nossal and Cory High Schools) includes a maths paper with problems including surds. You can download the FREE sample sheet to ... Read More

Numerical Reasoning
Some of the more challenging numerical reasoning questions in the selective school exams for year 8 and 9 require students to read and interpret information from a table. One example and four ... Read More

Numerical Reasoning
The Melbourne High exam at year 8 (including MacRob, Cory & Nossal) and the John Monash Science School have challenging questions, including certain types of numerical reasoning. They can take ... Read More


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