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Brainworks Online Learning

Brainworks online courses have helped more than 7,000 students to prepare for their entrance exams, school mathematics and English.
Online learning offers flexibility and convenience, completing your studies in the time frame that suits you.

Brainworks provides FREE RESOURCES and a selection of COURSES for scholarship and selective school exam preparation.


Courses for Scholarship & Selective Schools

By purchasing and using a course, students will gain familiarity with a wide variety of question types for exam subjects including maths, advanced maths, comprehension, numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning.

Selective schools year 8 and year 9 for Melbourne, MacRob Girls, Suzanne Cory and Nossal Highs
Selective schools year 9 and 10 for John Monash Science School
Scholarship and selective schools years 4 to 6 for Victoria
Selective schools year 4 and year 6 for NSW

Free Resources

The online resources provided include primary school maths and English and secondary school maths to year 8 which will assist students to gauge and improve their understanding of the school curriculum. A range of question formats is used to encourage students to think through their responses.

Also included are sample courses for competitive exams to Melbourne, MacRob. Girls, Suzanne Cory and Nossal Highs, JMSS and schools offering scholarships.

User Guide

Feedback is provided in several forms. Answers include explanations and working out is provided for incorrect answers. Additionally, students receive reward badges for participation, improvement and accuracy. Student results can be published to leader boards based on improvement or accuracy.