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|Combining Tuition With Online Learning

"I wish to thank you for providing Brainworks online access through the holiday period and into the 1st term of 2014, as this assisted Chevonne greatly with preparing for her scholarship exams. I am pleased to advise you that Chevonne secured a scholarship with the school that she applied, achieving the highest band "Superior" for both Verbal and Numerical Reasoning, and "Above Average" for her Maths, Written Expression and Reading Comprehension. Thank you again for the support whilst she was enrolled for tuition with Brainworks." D. Mendez

Online learning can provide a valuable supplement to tuition. It offers the flexibility of working from home and receiving immediate feedback. Students can review what they have learned and challenge themselves with new questions. The average number of student attempts for each test varies from 1 to 4. Reviewing each test result and attempting it again is a very powerful learning method.


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