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|Diagnostic Tests

The Foundation mathematics core skills program enable students to advance or remediate. Students begin this course by completing one or more diagnostic tests. Our tests are not multiple choice, but seek to understand the concepts understood by students and concepts not understood, with an emphasis on their ability to follow method. Once reviewed students are appropriately placed within the scaffolded curriculum.

Our diagnostic tests break up each term into approximately 20 concepts. The accurate placement of students enables them to fill any gaps effectively and move forward.

I just wanted to drop you a little note to say, “You were right!”
When we last spoke you said to me that you’d brought Cameron’s maths skills up to end of Yr 5 level (he’s currently in Yr 4), and Miranda’s up to end of Yr 2 level. Well yesterday I received their school reports which were both outstanding. Cameron was assessed as top of his class for maths and they’d ticked the box stating that he was performing “well above standard” and at end of Year 5 level.  According to the school, Miranda is right on track for her Year level, Yr 2. So, there you go…. These grades are exactly as you had told me. The school agrees with you. I’ve no doubt that your work with them has helped them significantly in the classroom and thank you again. Karina


ewe said on 16:26 Thu 31 Aug, 2017
[15] we have dignostics in our school too!

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