Brainworks provides individualised tuition for the greatest benefit.


I have been a teacher for nearly 35 years and spent 20 years teaching in secondary schools. For me nothing was more gratifying than being able to assist, motivate and extend students to help them experience success. I taught all year levels and achievement meant different things to different students. Sometimes it was a matter of a student being able to master their current level of maths. Sometimes it was a year 12 student excelling at exams. At other times it was about students experiencing something well beyond what they thought they were capable of achieving. When I began Brainworks, my guiding philosophy was that each student should be assisted individually with their own appropriate curriculum. This philosophy continues to underpin the Brainworks system today resulting in continued success for students who require remediation, want to extend themselves or sit an exam. Brainworks is now embarking on another stage of our development.

I am therefore excited to announce the launch of the Brainworks Franchise Network ensuring more students achieve the success they seek.

For all of our current clients, our centres will continue to operate as they have always done so.


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