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Welcome to the world of online learning with Brainworks!

Our online courses have already helped over 4,700 students to prepare for their entrance exams and school mathematics. Brainworks has provided online courses and free resources for over 15 years. These were developed originally to provide greater access to study materials to assist student understanding and confidence.


For students wanting to successfully sit a scholarship, selective entry exam or John Monash Science School, by purchasing a course from our Online Courses you will have access to hundreds of questions. Online learning offers flexibility and convenience, completing your studies in the time frame that suits you. It also provides immediate feedback; questions are corrected automatically and incorrect answers are further explained in detail.
Courses provide 6 - 12 months access and include tutorials, questions and tests to assist students to reach their educational goals. The learning tools provide opportunities for students to test themselves, review and improve, work within time limits where applicable and grade their performance. The courses also include practice exams.

Free Resources

At Brainworks we aim to assist each student to reach their potential. With this in mind we have provided online resources free of charge. These resources provide practice tests that will enable the development of the thinking skills required for competitive exams and everyday schooling. We hope that you find them beneficial.

Foundation maths online will assist students to gauge and improve their understanding of the school curriculum, including math core skills and is available for years Prep to 8. A range of question formats is used to encourage students to think through their responses. Students will be able to measure their results and their improvement, working through units progressively ensuring they can build their skills step by step.

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