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|Selective Exams and Numerical Reasoning

Selective school entry exams usually include numerical reasoning. What is numerical reasoning?

It is not the same as mathematics but it involves numbers. Numerical reasoning is about using numerical data to make reasoned decisions and problem solve. It relies on the ability to recognise how to go about solving a numerical problem, understanding the relationships between numbers, prior to completing the mathematical calculation required. The sum, product, how much larger and how many times larger are examples of relationships. The data can be presented in text, tables and even graphs.

Example One

Sarah is three times older than she was 10 years ago. At that time Sarah's mother was 20 years older than Sarah. How old is her mother now?

25                        B  30                      C    35                      D 24

Example Two

Jen and Steve are both driving to the Sydney Opera House but are leaving from different starting destinations. Jen is 300 km away and travels at an average speed of 80 kmh while Steve is 180 kms away and travels at an average speed of 50 kmh. What is the difference between their arrival time in minutes?

A 4 minutes           B 9 minutes           C 27 minutes         D 16 minutes        E 32 minutes

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