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Confidence and engagement!                                           

Imagine your child is    
- more successful at school
- happier and more confident to participate
- enjoying their learning

These are the real results from students who have developed their maths and English skills with Brainworks maths tutoring and English tutoring, helping them toward a successful future.

|Maths & English Tutoring

Brainworks is not one size fits all because not all students are at the same stage. This means we teach to individuals and that students receive the right study material at the right time. When your child begins the Foundation program at Brainworks they are initially assessed and a program is developed to address any initial gaps. Genuine one to one attention combined with a system to keep all students on track and encouraged ensures all problems are identified and work is adjusted accordingly.

Being taught one to one is important to your child because they will;

- develop key concepts, number skills and methods in mathematics
- develop essay writing structure, including organising and expressing ideas
- develop reading comprehension, writing and language skills

A Brainworks maths, English tutor will help raise the confidence and results of your child.


The core skills maths curriculum builds upon prior knowledge with a strong emphasis on methods and includes number, algebra, measurement and geometry. The highly supportive processes lead to clearer understanding by students which raises their confidence and results significantly. At secondary level students also study applications (SACS), which provides a key pathway to success for school performance at higher levels.


Reading and written expression are the key priorities. Student activities are designed to improve vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. Students develop comprehension skills including making comparisons, assessing main ideas, making conclusions, drawing inferences and inferential reading. Teachers regularly assess essays by sitting one to one with students to discuss ideas, expression, spelling, structure and content.