About Exams

Scholarship exams
Scholarships are available for primary and secondary school independent schools and a list of schools that offer scholarships is published by the  Association of Independent Schools Victoria. A scholarship examination is designed to predict the success of future learning of a student. Scholarship exams are conducted usually by independent testing services. The examination broadly includes mathematics and English but can vary in its format. Some examinations tend towards problem solving in mathematics, others split the mathematics into reasoning and mathematical skills. Similar divisions occur with respect to English. Some examinations include humanities type comprehension questions, that is interpretation of tables, diagrams, poetry as well as inferential reading whilst others have reading comprehension and reasoning with respect to language. Essays are part of the English component and may include one or two essays. Essays required are usually creative and opinion pieces. Some examinations also include abstract reasoning.

Selective School Tests
Selective school tests are conducted by schools themselves or for the vast majority of schools by independent testing services such as ACER, Edutest or Academic Associates. Selective entry is available for secondary schools in Victoria at years 7 and above and available for  primary and secondary schools in New South Wales.