Brainworks provides individualised tuition for the greatest benefit.

Selective School Entry NSW

Preparation for selective school entry to government schools is available for year 6 for entry to year 7 and is specific for each school, such as Sefton High School

Our main aim is to make a difference to student abilities and examination performance, which is why we work with individual students and no more than 6 students per teacher. We determine a student’s current abilities and customise the teaching, ensuring that we cover everything required for the specific exam, targeting areas that will assist each student.

|Selective School Program

Course Components

Subjects studied can include reading, mathematics & problem solving, writing, and general ability.

Course Structure

The course is taught in modular format which consists of 8 weekly one and a half hour sessions working through content that builds skills, provides familiarity and improves exam strategy. Students have access to the online learning site which provides for greater familiarity and challenge.  At the end of the first module the student completes a practice exam. Using all of the information from the module combined with the practice exam realistic advice is provided regarding progress and the benefits of a second module.

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