Foundation English & Maths

Do you want your son or daughter to build confidence and improve outcomes for their maths and English?

Who is the Foundation program for?

Students are assessed at their current level of skills. An initial program is then tailored to their need. This program supports everyday schooling in maths and English. It is suitable for students requiring remediation or advancement. Foundation is term based, though students can begin at any time for years 2 to 10 and can be used effectively to solve many issues due to the versatility of the program. For example:

-For a primary school student who is struggling with key concepts in mathematics and requires assistance in developing sound methods.

-For a primary school student preparing for NAPLAN.

-For a student who needs to develop essay writing structure, requires assistance to organise ideas and to express them well.

-For a student who has good maths skills but requires the challenge of developing problem solving skills while still developing English skills.

-For a year 10 student who is progressing into maths methods and is not gaining the marks required or is not performing to their capability.

-For a secondary school student who needs to build and then maintain strong skills.

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I think Brainworks has assisted my daughter in a huge way. It has strengthened her foundation skills in mathematics, logic and built her confidence. It has increased her ability for creative expression, and picked up on her gaps and worked on them. I think Brainworks has facilitated more than the optimum from their teaching. Thank you for bringing out the confidence in my daughter. My work was made easier through Brainworks!!
Anu Bhopti

Students are assessed for their current abilities and then work through an individualised program to meet their needs. Constant guidance, teaching and feedback is given throughout their program. There is a strong emphasis on methods and processes and every piece of work completed by a student is followed up.

I would like to take the time to let you know that our son George, who you taught until the end of last year, has settled in well to High School. His Maths teacher has commended him for his correct setting out procedures and thoroughness, which I credit to Brainworks. Thank you for your time. Kind regards Angela

Students may study maths or English or both. Depending on the program students attend for one or one and a half hours per week. Foundation students normally attend for a 10 week term. The Foundation program is be suitable for remediation or advancement.

I also just want to let you know that she is achieving well in maths this year - consistently getting in the low 80 % range, which is 15 - 20 % higher than last year. In fact in the last test they had at school Saskia got 81 % when most in the class got in the low 50's. More importantly, the stress in doing maths homework has gone, especially for her mother! Sharyn

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