John Monash Science School JMSS

The program is specifically designed for the Edutest exam and is regularly updated for changes to the exam such as inclusion of higher level maths.

Subjects studied include:

  • Science Reasoning
  • Mathematics & problem solving
  • Science Knowledge
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Science Issues
  • Scientific Process

It is important to note that John Monash Science School states on their website that to ensure the integrity of the testing process, and equity for all applicants, no further information about the tests will be provided prior to the administration of the tests. However it is an Edutest test that includes science reasoning, numerical reasoning and mathematics. The mathematics skills required include problems from year 10 and 11 which pose additional challenge, and the skills required are not learned overnight.

The writing requirements have differed from year to year in the brief history of this test. It may vary from writing on a topic of science interest, arguing a point of view on a scientific issue, demonstrating your knowledge on an area of science or being able to instruct upon a scientific procedure.

In addition to the exam, all successful applicants have been required to complete a series of group activities. Both components are used to assess each student. To become familiar with the process Brainworks is running FREE group activity workshops. For more information.

Course Structure

Module 1

Year 9 level

Consisting of 8 weekly one and a half hour sessions working through content that builds skills, provides familiarity and improves exam strategy. 
Students have access to the online learning site which provides for greater familiarity and challenge.
At the end of this module the student completes a practice exam..

Using all of the information from the module combined with the practice exam realistic advice is provided regarding progress and the benefits of further study

Module 2

Year 9 level.

The difficulty level is raised as students work through content and an exam review process is conducted to further improve exam review strategy.

Contact us on 9724 9351 for further information or your nearest venue to enrol.  
Some venues provide for an accelerated and intensive forms of the module, (3 hour sessions).

When should you prepare?

Year 9
Module preparation can begin while in year 8, which allows time to work through the modules, or the beginning of year 9. The exam is usually held in June.

Year 10
There is an exam for entry to this year level which is usually held around the same time.

Contact us on 9724 9351 for further information.

Great news! Tenzin has been offerred a place at JMSS for 2016. Thank you for all your help. You were fundamental in growing his confidence and preparing him for the exam and interview.