Melbourne, MacRob, Suzanne Cory & Nossal Highs

The program is specifically designed for the Edutest exam and is regularly updated for changes to the exam such as inclusion of higher level maths.

Subjects studied include:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Mathematics & problem solving
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Creative Writing
  • Opinion Writing

Course Structure

Module 1

Year 8 level.

Consisting of 8 weekly one and a half hour sessions working through content that builds skills, provides familiarity and improves exam strategy. 
Students have access to the online learning site which provides for greater familiarity and challenge.
At the end of this module the student completes a practice exam..

Using all of the information from the module combined with the practice exam realistic advice is provided regarding progress and the benefits of further study.
Further modules follow similar structure with particular emphases for all subject areas.

Module 2

Year 8 level.

The difficulty level is raised as students work through content and an exam review process is conducted to further improve exam review strategy.

Module 3

Year 9 & 10 level

Higher levels of mathematics combined with exam review strategy.

Module 4

Year 9 & 10 level

Higher levels of mathematics combined with exam review strategy.

*Highlighting our ability to individualise content for each student, depending upon student ability and progress, advanced modules (3 & 4) can be completed at the same time as module 1 and module 2. Students can also complete the modules more quickly by enrolling in our accelerated or intensive courses.

Contact us on 9724 9351 for further information or your nearest venue to enrol.  
Some venues provide for an accelerated and intensive forms of the module, (3 hour sessions).

With your assistance Eric did earn a place at Melbourne High. He found no surprises in the exams, came out of them still calm and got in by a comfortable margin. Your tutoring and guidance certainly made a difference.
Alan B.

Thank you so much for your support and guidance in preparation for the selective entry exam. Without your help it would've been very difficult for me to be selected into MacRob.
Best regards, Urvi

When should you prepare?

Year 8
The exam is a common exam for all four schools conducted in June for year 8 for entry into year 9. Module 1 & 2 preparation can begin while in year 7, which allows time to work through the modules, or the beginning of year 8 in combination with modules 3 & 4.*

Year 9
Each school has their own day for the exam but is usually conducted in June for year 9 for entry to year 10. Preparation can begin in either year 8 or 9.

We would like to thank Brainwork's for their major assistance in Matthew being offered a position at Melbourne High School. We were concerned Matthews mathematics was beginning to slip below his capabilities but with a series of lessons at Brainwork's this has been corrected. We have found Brainwork's to be most helpful, approachable and encouraging and would recommend them to anyone who's child may require maths or English assistance.
David McKinnon

Brainworks built his confidence and he was able to deal with complex maths problems. Staff were very competent and took a keen interest. The course content was ideal for preparation, well designed for getting the best results, consequently he was offered a place at Melbourne High. All of my questions were answered throughout the course and I surely recommend Brainworks. The seriousness, passion and commitment of staff is praiseworthy. Praveen