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JMSS Workshops Sessions at Burwood East

Information workshops:
These provide information about the entry process, key components of the exam and interview, and how best to prepare, including study options at Brainworks.

Practice Exam workshops:
When available, examination practice is available ONLY to Brainworks' students. Registerer below for a practice exam for 2024 ONLY if you are a year 9 Brainworks' student. Non-Brainworks' students will not be admitted.

Content workshops:

Workshops 1 - 4 are complete for 2024. They will resume in 2025. They are an important component of our JMSS program and students gain great benefit from them. Science has many practical elements to it, and even though students sit for a written exam, some concepts in science are best understood with demonstrations and hands on expereince.
Workshops 1 & 2 are demonstration type workshops and result in students gaining greater understanding of certain science concepts. AHA moments are quite common in these workshops.
Workshops 3 & 4 allows for students to gain more experience at science reasoning type questions through practice followed up by question and answer session.